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Monthly Energy Efficiency Stakeholder Meeting - Shared screen with speaker view
Ebinger, Elizabeth
Good afternoon and thank you for joining the EE Committee’s Stakeholder Meeting. After the meeting we will post a copy of today’s slides and a recording of the meeting on the committee’s webpage: www.NJCleanEnergy.com/stakeholdergroups/energy-efficiency.
Eric Van Orden
Hi everyone! I’m Eric Van Orden, with Copper Labs. I grew up just over the Delaware River in PA but have family in NJ now. So, I appreciate the opportunity to follow the great clean energy initiatives in NJ by utilities, the BPU, and supporting vendors. https://www.linkedin.com/in/ericvanorden/
Stacy Ho Richardson, NJBPU
This is the State's HPwES budget
Stacy Ho Richardson, NJBPU
Andy Caprio
Good Afternoon! My name is Andy Caprio and I am a Northern NJ Resident. I am interested in understand more about Clean Energy initiatives in NJ and that is why I joined todays meeting. Some background: I am listening in and approaching this from a residential consumer perspective and I am not working in the energy business. I have taken advantage of energy efficient incentives offered by PSE&G (Thank You!) and last year I purchased a EV and received the purchase incentive from the ChargeUp New Jersey program (Thank You!). It was my understanding that there was a plan to offer an In-home EV Charger incentive, but I cannot find any update on if/when that program will be available. I am also interested in understanding what I and other residents can do to promote Clean Energy initiatives at the local and municipal level. Thanks for the opportunity to learn more.
Anne Marie Peracchio
I survived 6 weeks without AC this summer as I waited for a replacement part for my heat pump.
Stacy Ho Richardson, NJBPU
If anyone has questions that you'd like the presenters to answer, can you please post those in the Q&A box? Otherwise, if it's just quick/logistical questions, you can include them in this chat box. Thank you!
Jaci Trzaska
So interesting, thank you George and Kyle!
Joshua Hanemann
Thank you George and Kyle, would you mind dropping your email in the chat?
George Chapman
Of course: George: GChapman@energy-solution.com
George Chapman
Kyle: KCoumas@energy-solution.com
Michael Mandzik
cannot see Q&A beyond first 3 questions
George Kraemer
thank you Jerry
George Kraemer
Thank You!